Don & Jot Kosmos – Gliichi Stärne (Accapella)

1,00 CHF

01 – Don & Jot Kosmos – Gliichi Stärne


feat. DJ SpeedyMacchiato

*** Scroll down for the instrumental & the song version. ***

In a new creative collaboration, a cover artist, two MCs and two DJs meet for the track “GLIICHI STÄRNE”.

They organized themselves through the new IANO network.

Noreen Benham from Atelier Neverland is responsible for the visual arts.

In addition to his DJ scratches with DJ Speedy Macchiato, Classic is also responsible for the mastering.

DON & JOT KOSMOS share the microphone in Swiss dialect.

The income for the spacey track via the IANO shop is distributed per head of the team so that all the stars can shine as brightly as possible in the sky.

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